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Why Bitcoin Matters To Ireland

Below are four areas in which Bitcoin the digital asset and digital network can be beneficial for the country and people of Ireland.

Value Preservation

Due to its ever expanding supply, the Euro no longer serves as a prudent store of value. Bitcoin in contrast has a fixed supply of coins, intended to preserve wealth over time.

Financial Sovereignty

Bitcoin is a bearer asset, meaning that it isn’t credit, or a claim to money. Rather it itself is the money which can be transacted and stored without censorship or confiscation.

Business and Commerce

We believe an open-minded approach to Bitcoin will prove to be one of the most important decisions businesses and countries can make to improve payments and fight inflation.

Energy and Climate

Bitcoin mining offers energy providers a reliable buyer and additional revenue stream regardless of their location. It also benefits renewable energy development and grid stability.

We Are

A team of purpose-driven and enthusiastic people looking to make change in the world to create a better future for the coming generations. We think it’s important to make learning about Bitcoin more accessible, inclusive and ultimately more relatable. We empower individuals and businesses by educating on the current problems with money and show the benefits Bitcoin can have.


For why Bitcoin is important to Irish individuals, businesses and the State.


On how to understand and use Bitcoin to its maximum potential.


Of any person, group or business looking to do more with the Bitcoin network.

Founding Members

A group of Irish individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by a passion to see Ireland successfully navigate the world’s transition to truly digital money.

Richard O’Hagan

Richard is a Barrister in Dublin working in the area of civil litigation. He also has experience as a management consultant and served as an Infantry officer in the Irish Defence Forces for over a decade.

Conor Mulcahy

Conor is an experienced digital marketing professional and ardent Bitcoin advocate since 2017. He works for Bitcoin Magazine and strongly believes in Bitcoin’s potential for both the individual and society as a whole.

Mark Morton

Mark is the co-founder and Managing Director of Scilling Digital Mining, Ireland’s first and only Bitcoin mining company. Learn more about Scilling Digital Mining here.

Niall Burke (Ph.D.)

Niall is a mechanical engineering lecturer specialising in renewable energy technologies, with over 20 years of academic and industrial experience in the sector and a passion for Bitcoin’s positive impact on the energy sector.

Fiachra Mullen

Fiachra is an entrepreneur and marketing professional within the medicinal cannabis sector. He is passionate about the potential positive impact Bitcoin can have on society and industry alike.

Conn Stevenson

Conn is a Sport Scientist and Monetary Consultant. He believes Bitcoin is the monetary operating system of the future, and is hopeful it can incentivise human flourishing by providing a secure, robust and open monetary foundation for society.

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